The State of Missouri began a central registry of Missouri births and deaths reported from Jan. 1, 1910 to the present. While vital record keeping began in 1910, some delayed certificates may be available before 1910. However, there is no guarantee of a record’s existence either before or after 1910.

To request a birth or death certificate from a local health department, you may download the application and submit it in person or by mail to the nearest local health department. 

How much does a vital record cost?
Each copy of a birth record costs $15.00. The first copy of a death certificate costs $14.00. Each additional copy of a death certificate costs $11.00.

Acceptable Documentation for Identification
Primary Documents (One document is required)
A state issued driver’s license that includes a photograph, date of birth
A state issued identification card that includes a photograph, date of birth
A current U.S. military identification card that includes a photograph
A U.S. passport with current photograph
A current school identification card/document showing applicant’s name, photograph, and date of school year
Work identification card that includes the applicant’s name, photograph, and company name
Alternate forms of Identification Documents (At least two alternate forms of identification documents must be used if applicant does not have a picture identification card when applying in person) Alternate documents must display name of applicant, may display date of birth, date of issuance (or year), must display institution, company or organization/agency name.

Letter from government or social agencies
School yearbook
A W-2 form issued within last year in addition to a signed Social Security card (social security numbers must match)
Social Security card or Social Security numident printout (print out of an applicant’s Social Security account of activities)
Court certified adoption papers that includes adopted parent(s) name
Official certified deeds or title to property
Certificate of vehicle title or registration documents
Proof of auto insurance
Insurance policy (health, home, life, etc.)
Medicaid/Medicare document or identification card
A payroll stub that includes a Social Security number of applicant (cannot be handwritten stubs)
Military discharge document (DD-214)
Cancelled duplicate check (must show name, address, signature, and name of institution)
Utility bills which shows name and address of applicant (water, gas, electric, telephone)
Shelter name band (including name of shelter)